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Man Quits after Boss refuses Time off Request for Honeymoon

Many couples tying the knot look forward to their honeymoon just as much as the big day, and when one man’s boss got in the way of that trip, he was having none of it, and now he’s getting praise for his actions.

A man recently shared on Reddit that he requested three weeks off for his honeymoon and didn’t really think it would be an issue, since he had accumulated five weeks vacation, and requested the days off eight weeks in advance. To his surprise, he got a "vacation request denied" email from his manager, and then seemed to have no luck when he tried to contact him directly via email and phone.

The OP eventually got an email back that read “Look, we need dedicated people, if you think you can take three weeks off for a vacation, you need to reconsider your position here." The OP was shocked, but it didn’t take him long to decide what he needed to do. He responded “no consideration needed" and handed in his notice, letting HR know and reaching out to his boss to let him know about "transitioning duties."

Nobody did reach out to him about a transition plan and after he left the ex-boss called him wondering why he hadn’t come into the office. The manager acted like he didn’t know the guy quit, telling him “stop messing with me.”

In the end, the OP got a new job with a competitor that offered him more money and gave him the time off for his honeymoon. Meanwhile, “things went from bad to worse" for his old manager who had some legal problems and got fired with "no severance."

  • Folks on Reddit praised the OP for taking the stand that he did.
  • One person noted, "It baffles me that bosses don't realize that if you want time off for a very important event that you will take it no matter if you have to leave."
  • "I'll never, ever understand this line of thinking from managers,” another added. “A time off request is a courtesy. I'm not going to be here on X, Y, Z dates so here's my notice about that. Plan accordingly."


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