Amazon to Open First Brick and Mortar Clothing Store!

I order pretty much everything on Amazon, but not a lot of clothing or shoes. I like to try things on to make sure they fit or are comfortable before I buy. And it can be a pain to ship things back if they don’t fit or look right on me. I would absolutely welcome one of these Amazon brick and mortar stores here in Rhode Island! The online retailer is about to open up it's first physical clothing store in Southern California! The new store is scheduled to open sometime in 2022 at the Americana at Brand mall in Glendale, California.

The store, dedicated to both women’s and men’s clothes, shoes and other accessories. The set up will be very different from normal clothing stores. Shoppers will see only one of each item on display, and the rest will be in a stockroom. You just scan the QR code on what you want to try on or buy and it will automatically be sent either to a fitting room or to the checkout counter. 

While you’re shopping Amazon will give you some real-time suggestions to get you to scan more items.

New Amazon fulfillment center in Henderson Nevada USA

Photo: Getty Images

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