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What folks are willing to do for The Love of Pizza!

Everybody LOVES PIZZA, and it turns out some folks love it so much they’ll do anything (well, almost anything LOL) to eat it whenever they want.

With National Pizza Day coming February 9th, this survey finds:

  • Two in three Americans consider themselves “pizza experts.”
  • 72% of people love pizza so much they say they could eat it for every meal and still not get bored.
  • 44% say pizza is perfectly acceptable for breakfast.
  • 47% say it’s perfect for next day leftovers.

But while most people love pizza, many wish they could enjoy it even more.

  • 64% say they don’t enjoy pizza as much as they would like, citing their health as the reason.
  • 62% look at pizza as “junk food.”
  • 48% say it’s not healthy enough for their diet.
  • 72% say they’d be “thrilled” if pizza was healthier. 

But there are some folks who wouldn’t think of giving up their pizza. In fact, some would do anything to have as much pizza as they want.

  • 37% say they’d be totally fine having every movie spoiled for them for the next year if it meant getting free pizza for a year.
  • 33% would be willing to shave every hair from their body, excluding their eyebrows.
  • 32% would be willing to text an ex.
  • Source-SWNS Digital
Enough pizza for staying at home and watching movies!

Photo: Getty Images

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