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Check Out These New 'Wordle' Rip-Off Games!

If you’re looking for some new ways to goof off at work, and because one word a day just isn’t enough, several copycat versions of the popular online game Wordle have popped up recently.  

Wordle has only been around since last Fall, invented by Josh Wardle, who decided to launch it publicly in October of 2021. Its popularity quickly took off and has already been bought up by The New York Times for a price tag in the 7 figures.  

The simple game gives you six chances to guess a 5 letter word. Correct letters in the correct position show up in green. If a letter is in yellow, that means it’s in the word but in the incorrect position, and if it shows up gray, that letter is not in the answer at all.  

Some challenging knock-off versions of Wordle include Absurdle, also has you guess 5 letter words, but this game is a lot more difficult. In a Mashable article Sam Haysom explains. "The game starts with 2,315 possibilities and responds to each of your guesses by keeping the maximum number of potential secret words in its back pocket, forcing you to narrow its options down until you essentially trap the AI into only having one word left." No thanks. 

For those who are perpetually 13 years old, there’s the naughty Lewdle that has you guess naughty 5 letter words. And there’s also Sweardle full of dirty, four letter words. There are only so many of those, so I can't imagine how much fun that one will be in the longterm. 

And Taylor Swift fans will appreciate Taylordle. This version is very similar to the original game, but instead of random words you have to really know your Taylor Swift albums, lyrics and general T-Swizzle trivia.  

Check out the list of Wordle rip offs HERE


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