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Disney to Develop Planned Housing Communities!

I’ve been to Disney World a couple of times and thought, wow it would be cool to live here. Well soon the next best thing may be coming to a neighborhood in your city! Disney announced that they are developing “Storyliving” communities where you can live the Disney lifestyle all year long! 

According to Disney executive Josh D'Amoro Walt Disney Co. is going to be building housing communities featuring houses, condos and even a 55 and over community for those older super-fans who don’t want to listen to kids running around all day.  

The first of these planned communities is already set to be built in Walt and Lillian Disney’s former hometown of Rancho Mirage, California.  

Disney Imagineers are hard at work designing the communities that will be operated by Disney cast members who will be able to provide those famous Disney's guest services. 

The property will feature a lake surrounded by homes, that will also include places to dine, Disney entertainment and of course shopping! One thing's for sure, it doesn't sound cheap!

Hey, if I can enjoy Mickey Mouse waffles and ice cream bars every day, I’m in! 

Entrance of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

Photo: Getty Images

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