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Americans Take Less Vacation Time Than Most Of the World!


As Americans we’ve learned the value of hard work, which is great, but many of us need to learn how to turn work off and take a break from time to time. A new study has found that once again, Americans are leaving vacation days on the table, and we take fewer days off than most of the world.  

Expedia conducted their Vacation Deprivation study and found that the average American used fewer than 12 vacation days in 2021. When compared to the world average that’s six fewer days off! 

With many people working remotely, folks tried to combine a trip to a new destination with work, but not surprisingly 61% of them didn’t find these “workcations” satisfying as an actual vacation.  

In fact, while 78% of people prefer to be “unproductive” while they're away, 50% still bring their laptops, and 41% have even joined zoom calls while on a getaway.  

So, if Americans have all of these extra days off why aren’t they taking them? Well, guilt for one. Even though 80% of people say their colleagues are fine with them using their vacation days, 52% of respondents said they feel guilty when co-workers have to fill in for them. 44% even feel the need to apologize for being away.  

Overall, 59% of Americans say they feel vacation deprived. Vacation days and relaxation are good for your health! With the stress of the last two years 72% of people feel more burned out than ever, so take that time off that’s coming to you! 

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