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Why You Shouldn't Book a Hotel Room Higher than the 4th Floor

Booking a hotel room on a high floor with a beautiful view may sound like a great idea, one travel expert is advising against it for a very practical reason.

Travel risk expert Lloyd Figgins shares that one of the most important things to think about when staying at a hotel is “risk of fire,” and what floor you are on could be a matter of life and death.

“When you arrive in a hotel, you're in an unfamiliar environment which you think is safe,” he tells “The Sun. “The problem comes that if there were to be a fire alarm go off, what do we do next?”

Lloyd says guests should actually walk the fire route when they get to a hotel, and also count the doors to the escape. He also advises against booking any room above the fourth floor, but not below the second. 

"Make sure you are staying between the second and fourth stories of the hotel because fire department ladder rarely reach above fourth story,” he says. "Anything below this is targeted by burglars."

For safety, he also advises against ever saying your room number out loud once inside, and to make sure staff simply write down your room number so burglars who may be lurking in the lobby don’t hear it and target you.

Source-The Sun

Portrait of tourist woman raised her hands and standing nearly window, looking to beautiful view with her luggage in hotel bedroom after check-in.

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