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U.S. Wordle Players Push Back on Answer as too British

Complaints about Wordle keep stacking up. Even if you don’t play, you’ve probably seen those yellow, green and gray squares showing friends’ scores popping up in your social media feed. And while the puzzle game has become incredibly popular, a lot of folks have been venting their frustration with some of the answers recently.

The latest issue? Yesterday’s five-letter word. Wordle 250’s answer - and we’re not spoiling anything here since you can’t play yesterday’s puzzle anymore - was “bloke,” as in the British slang word for “man.” While lots of folks across the pond probably had no issue with it, some U.S. players are slamming it as “too British.”

  • “No one else uses ‘bloke’ but the British,” another posted

But yesterday’s complaints are only the most recent.

  • A few weeks ago, British puzzle players were complaining that Wordle was using the American spelling of certain words.
  • Earlier this week, some users called out the answer to Wednesday’s Wordle - “trove - as way too obscure.
  • And last week, some players accused “The New York Times” of “trolling millennials” with the answers. One tweeted that the Wordle was so tough, only Bob the Builder could figure it out. The answer? “Caulk.”

Source-NY Post


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