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Voting is Open In the Cadbury "Bunny" Tryouts!

Of course, the Easter Bunny is the star of the Easter season, but the Cadbury Bunny is willing to share the spotlight again this year with someone’s beloved pet.  

The tryouts are over, and the finalists have been chosen in the 2022 Cadbury Bunny contest. Ten adorable animals are in the running for to be featured in Cadbury’s Clucking Bunny commercial, and you can participate by voting for one of the finalists. 

Among the ten pets are three dogs, Annie Rose, Cali, and Reese. There’s also a cat named Will O’ Wisp, Eclipse the llama, Maple the hedgehog, Sprinkles the sugar glider, Skeeter the Parrotlet, a therapy mini horse named Sweetheart and a contestant without fur, Cheeto Puff the Magic Dragon, a bearded dragon.  

You have until March 22 to cast your votes, then the animals will be re-judged on: “relevance to contest theme, creativity, brand appeal, and public appeal.”  

One animal will be chosen as the grand prize winner and will be featured in the Cadbury TV commercial, plus the owner receives $5,000! 

Check out the finalists and your vote HERE!

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Photo: Getty Images

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