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Pet Parents Inspiration for their Pets Names

Picking a name for your pet can be almost as hard as picking a name for your child, with people finding inspiration in all sorts of places. But just so ya know, no matter what name you choose for your pet, somebody out there is probably judging you....... or it.

Survey by PupBox looked at the thought process behind choosing pet names:

  • 32% of Americans are traditionalists, going with names like Fido or Fluffy.
  • 36% prefer to go with human names.
  • 28% are inspired by food, giving their pets names like “Meatball” or “Biscuit.”
  • And then there are the people whose pet names are inspired by pop culture icons and fictional characters (37%).
  • 33% will name their pets after historical figures.
  • Another 38% would use the name of an acquaintance.
  • While another 38% get their inspiration from books, movies, TV and music.
  • But people also choose pet names based on the traits of the animal, like:
    • The pet’s gender (51%)
    • The pet’s personality (49%)
    • The pet’s size (42%)
  • Whatever name you give your animal, know that 60% of people will judge you on the name you choose.

and even when they do decide on the name, many wind up not even using it.

  • 85% of pet parents have given their animal at least one nickname.
  • Two-thirds use the nickname so much they’ve actually forgotten the animal’s real name. 

Source-SWNS Digital

Cat and dog sleeping. Puppy and kitten sleep.

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