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Best and Worst Entry Level Jobs

Another class of college seniors will be graduating in just a few of weeks and entering the workforce, with many likely taking entry level jobs in order to work their way up to their dream gig. However, not all entry-level jobs are equal. While some have great starting salaries, others pay you next to nothing, and while others will give you plenty of responsibility, some may just have you pushing papers.

What are the best entry-level jobs out there?


  • WalletHub set out to discover just that, comparing entry-level positions based on 12 key metrics in three general areas – Immediate Opportunity, Growth Potential ands Job Hazards.
  • Factors include average starting salary, projected job growth by 2030, median tenure with employer and more.
  • Topping the list is a Software Engineer, which earns a total score of 81.07 out of 100, landing at seven for immediate opportunity.
  • In fact, Engineers in general seem to be a good career move, with eight of the Top Ten spots going to some sort of engineering position.
  • Electronics Engineer, second overall, is tops for immediate opportunity, Patent Attorney is top for growth potential and Policy Processing Clerk is tops for job hazards.


Top 10 Best Entry Level Jobs

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Electronics Engineer
  3. Engineer
  4. Systems Engineer
  5. Industrial Engineer
  6. Electrical Engineer
  7. Operations Research Analyst
  8. Hardware Engineer
  9. Web Applications Developer
  10. Environmental Health and Safety Engineer 
  • On the flipside, Boilermaker ranks dead last on the list, earning only a 35.98 out of 100, and ranking 100 for both immediate opportunity and job hazards.

Ten Worst Entry-Level Jobs

  1. Boilermaker
  2. Floor Assembler
  3. Emergency Dispatcher
  4. Building Inspector
  5. Aircraft Painter
  6. Welder
  7. Claims Processing Clerk
  8. Mechanical Drafter
  9. Consumer Credit Analyst
  10. Architectural Drafter
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