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Over 80% of Americans Plan to Travel This Summer!

Summer is just around the corner and a majority of Americans are ready to get away for a while. According to a new report by The Vacationer, 80.84% of Americans plan to travel this summer, so approximately 208 million Americans will be hitting the roads and the skies heading off on vacation.  

People are so ready for a holiday that 36.04% of people plan to take one trip, and 44.8% say they’ll go on a couple of vacations this summer. 

As much as I’d like to head over to Europe or the Caribbean, I don’t think I want to deal with the hassle of Covid testing. Nonetheless, more than 20% of folks say they plan to take a trip overseas. 

Despite high gasoline prices, many will be taking road trips this summer with 80% of Americans packing the kids into the car for at least one road trip.  

Here are some of the other stats they came up with: 

18.7% will travel within 100 miles from their home. 

21.35% will travel within 250 miles. 

21.53% will travel within 500 miles. 

11.59% will travel within 1,000 miles. 

Over 50% of travelers will get on planes this summer. 

28.1% will fly one time. 

22.72% plan to fly more than one time.  

42.06% plan to travel more this summer than last. 

46.8% will travel about the same as last summer

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