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How Much Should You Give For a Wedding Gift?

Wedding season is just about to get underway, and this is gonna be a busy one because a lot of people had to cancel theirs over the last couple of years. If you’re invited, how much should you give for a gift? That’s always the big question. It can be hard to decide what and how much to give a couple for a wedding gift.   

I've often heard the suggestion that a wedding gift should equal the amount the couple pays for their dinner, but many experts say that’s not realistic. Really you should stay within your budget. Your own financial situation should come into play when deciding on how big a check to write.  

A recent survey from The Knot found that the average wedding guest will spend around $120 on a gift, but experts say there’s no set number.  

According to lifestyle and etiquette expert Elaine Swann you should, “spend a little less and less and less as the relationship itself is not as close.” If it’s an immediate family member or close friend, you may want to spend more than you would on someone with whom you have less of a relationship.  

You also should consider the cost of living in the state where the wedding is being held. If it's in a state like New York or California you should spend a little more than you would in a state that's less expensive to live in. And if you’re headed to a destination wedding that is already costing you a lot of money just to be there, you can take that into account when deciding on a gift amount.  

Even being in a bridal party can be considered since that is costly. Although you may not be expected to give as large a check, experts say you should a least give a small gift. 

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One things for sure when it comes to weddings...they’re way too expensive!

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