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May 7th is World Naked Gardening Day! Yes, Really!

In honor of World Naked Gardening Day this Saturday May 7th (yes that’s really a thing) Lawnstarter has decided what cities are among the best Best Cities for Naked Gardening this year! 

The lawn care service took a look at 100 cities based on factors like the size of the area’s nudist population, whether or not public nudity or being topless is legal in an area, along with weather, safety and other factors.  

The city of Austin, Texas came in first place with a score of 67.80, and it’s number one for Nude Gardener-Friendliness. Here’s the rest of the Top 10. 

Top 10 Best Cities for Naked Gardening 

(click here for the complete list) 

  1. Austin, TX 
  2. Orlando, FL 
  3. Atlanta, GA 
  4. Baton Rouge, LA 
  5. Tampa, FL 
  6. Miami, FL 
  7. Philadelphia, PA 
  8. Raleigh, NC 
  9. Seattle, WA 
  10. Durham, NC  


Despite still being a bit chilly this time of year, Boston, MA checks in at number 56. Providence, RI didn't make it on the list at all!

Although it seems many people are into this, I think naked gardening is ill advised. What if you have to trim the rose bushes or the prickly vines? Or, you might step on a rake! Maybe you should at least wear some boots.  

naturist man naked on the street

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