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Over 40% Of Employees Are Suffering From Burnout


If you’re feeling burned out at work, you’re definitely not alone. According to a new survey over 40% of employees admit they are suffering from burnout, that’s despite many people working from home. Hence the Great Resignation.  

The folks at Robert Half conducted this new survey and found that 41% of employees admit they are feeling more burned out these days than they were last year. 35% say they have not discussed their feelings about being burned out with management because they don’t feel comfortable doing so.  

Those who are most burned out on the job are women, Gen Z, and tech workers. 

Even though 78% of professionals say they are allowed a flexible work schedule, 70% of them claim they are putting in more hours at work now than they did before the pandemic. 

Source: Robert Half 

Here are some symptoms to watch out for if you think you may be suffering from burnout according to Pop Sugar 

  1. Feelings of anger or sadness 
  2. Fatigue or lack of energy 
  3. Feelings of hopelessness or helplessness 
  4. Feeling numb 
  5. Insomnia or hypersomnia 
  6. Diminished ability to think or concentrate 
  7. Indecisiveness 
  8. Feeling tense or on edge 
  9. Appetite changes 
  10. Cynicism 
  11. Feeling detached or disengaged 
  12. Decreased motivation 
  13. Feeling physically unwell, including increased digestive issues, teeth grinding, cold symptoms, and headaches 

The three biggies to watch out for when determining if you have burnout are anger, feeling on edge, and cynicism. If that describes you, you probably should take some vacation time and reassess your work situation.

Burnout is killing his career

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