The Go-Gos, Corey Hart to Perform at Stranger Things "Doritosfest"

Some 80s musical acts are going to celebrate the return of the Netflix series Stranger Things with a big show that will stream online!  

A virtual concert this June will feature Rock-and-Roll Hall-of-Famers The Go-Go's along with 80s icons Corey Hart and the band Soft Cell along with special guest Charlie XCX. The acts will perform at the show Live From the Upside Down on June 23rd sponsored by Doritos, which just released new 3D Crunch Three Cheese flavored Doritos to coincide with the release of Season 4 of the hit Netflix show.  

According to a video on the Doritos website, “Doritosfest was the best 80s concert that never happened. The artists scheduled to appear, disappeared just outside Hawkins, Indiana and the show was canceled...until now.” 

Fans who want to virtually attend the show should log onto the Doritos website and register HERE, but you’d better hurry, the site says “this iconic concert is going to be a must watch – no matter what dimension you’re in. Grab your tickets before the portal closes."

Source: Doritos

Go-Gos concert

Photo: Getty Images

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