Gwyneth Paltrow Says Goop's Luxury Diaper is Publicity Stunt

Gwyneth Paltrow is known for selling some pretty crazy useless items on her website for her lifestyle brand GOOP, everything from 18 karat gold dumbbells to vampire repellant, so when people saw a box of 12 luxury diapers nobody thought anything of it.  

Goop announced a new product called The Diapér. The company described it as a “disposable diaper lined with virgin alpaca wool and fastened with amber gemstones, known for their ancient emotional-cleansing properties.” The diaper is also said to be “Infused with a scent of jasmine and bergamot for a revitalized baby.”  

Turns out those diapers are fake! Apparently it was all a publicity stunt. According to a company spokesperson, the phony product was created to start “a conversation on how much diapers cost. The Diapér is a fake product meant to shine a light on a real problem.”  

Gwyneth put out a promotional video saying, “It was designed to piss us off because if treating diapers like a luxury makes you mad, so should taxing them like a luxury.” Many on social media called BS. @emily_singer wrote, "ok so it’s a commentary on diapers being taxed as a luxury good, but i’d argue that it’s too on-the-nose to be read as satire. goop built a brand around luxury pseudo-wellness products and this just feels too *real*"

 Source: New York Post

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