Tips To Help You Sleep On An Airplane

I really have a hard time falling asleep on an airplane, as I’m sure many people do. If that’s not a problem for you I’m envious. There’s just no way to get comfortable, even if you recline that seat an inch or two.  

Apparently, there are some ways we can get some shuteye during a flight using these tips provided by Michael Breus, Ph.D. Dr. Breus has a lot of fancy titles so I’ll assume this is good advice. He is a clinical psychologist, a diplomat of the American Board of Sleep Medicine, and a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. 

Michael’s tips include: 

  • Put together a sleep kit – Have all the things in your carryon that you’ll need to help you get some rest like an eye mask, earplugs, socks, your toothbrush and toothpaste. If you normally listen to music or meditation audio you should have that available to listen to on your phone. 
  • Maintain your bedtime ritual – Dr. Breus suggests going through your bedtime ritual in the airport before boarding the plane, even if it’s a daytime flight. If your plan is to get some rest, do what you do before bed, like wash your face and brush your teeth. It helps to put you into that ready for sleep mode.  
  • Choose the right seat – The best seat to go for if you want to sleep is the window because you can lean on the wall of the plane and rest your head. The toughest seat in my opinion is the middle seat, especially if there are strangers on either side. If you doze off and drool on the guys shoulder next too you most likely he will not be happy about that. Even better if you can get a seat with extra legroom like the very first row or even the emergency row.  
  • Watch what you wear and eat – Dress is comfortable clothes for the best possible chance of relaxation. And Dr. Breus recommends avoiding caffeinated beverages that may keep you awake.  
  • Stretch – Stretching out before and after your flight will keep your body from getting stiff and sore.  

Source: Best Life

Young Woman Sleeping In Airplane Cabin On Long Distance Flight

Photo: Getty Images

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