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Celtics Legend Bob Cousy Responds to JJ Redick's 'Plumbers and Firemen' Jab

Boston Celtics legend Bob Cousy is trending on Twitter today. The 6-time NBA Champion hit back at JJ Redick after comments made on ESPN’s “First Take” in a debate with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo on whether the Phoenix Suns’ Chris Paul should be considered the best NBA point guard of all time.  

Russo said that Paul was “not Bob Cousy,” so Redick replied, “Bob Cousy couldn’t dribble with his left hand.”  

Russo came right back and said, “Bob Cousy changed the game. Chris Paul didn’t change the game.” 

Redick said, “Bob Cousy won championships when there were eight teams in the NBA and you had to win two playoff series,” and later said, “He was being guarded by plumbers and firemen.”  

So Cousy caught wind of this debate and responded this week during an appearance on SiriusXM NBA Radio the 93-year-old said, “So when you respond to something like this, you play into their hands. I won’t do that, but I will defend the firemen and the plumbers that he referenced. And I’ll just give you a few of the names of these firemen that I played with and against during those years. How about Bill Russell, the aforementioned, not too bad a player. Wilt Chamberlain, remember that guy? He wasn’t bad. I guess he must have fought fires as well. But in any event, Wilt Chamberlain.” 

Many are chiming in to defend Cousy on Twitter. User user Damon Amendolara tweeted, “I'm here for Bob Cousy rapping JJ Redick on the head with his cane and telling him he's a young stooge.” 

Source: New York Post


Photo: Getty Images

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