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First Look at Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher in New Thor Movie

This Summer Thor will be back in theaters in the Marvel film “Thor: Love and Thunder,” and a new trailer was just released revealing a new character! 

The trailer made its debut during Game 4 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, and we got a first glimpse of a scary Christian Bale as the evil Gorr the God Butcher. Bale is well known for transforming his appearance for roles, once gaining 40 pounds to play Dick Cheney and losing an astonishing 62 pounds to portray factory worker Trevor Reznik in the 2004 film “The Machinist.” He shaved his head to play Gorr and make up is used to recreate the look of the comic book character rather than CGI, the result being a more humanlike appearance. 

We also see Natalie Portman’s Jane who snatches the hammer Mjölnir away from Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and wields it herself. This is the first appearance of Jane Foster since the movie “Thor: The Dark World” that came out in 2013.  

The movie also stars Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, Russell Crowe as Zeus and the Guardians of the Galaxy make appearances too including Chris Pratt as Star-Lord and Dave Bautista as Drax. Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel provide the voices of Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” hits theaters on Friday, July 8th. 

Source: Variety


Photo: Getty Images

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