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Disney too Pricey for Average Family?

No doubt a trip to Disney World is a staple for most families with kids, but Disney is not a cheap affair, and it’s gotten so expensive lately that many parents just can’t seem to afford it.

One family from New Jersey tells Fox Business News their recent Disney vacation totaled more than $10,000 when you factored in airfare. Overall, one or two-day passes are the same prices as last year, but multi-day tickets, which many families purchase, are pretty high, with four-day tickets costing $447.70, up from $434.83. And if you go on busy days, that price goes up to as much as $596.74. 

"I feel like Disney is pricing people out, can the average working American family really afford this?" the mom tells FOX Business. "I've been coming to Disney since I was six years old. I'm 39 now. My kids thought Disney was magical and so for me the cost was worth it, but I see that it's not the same Disney it was."

Other expenses making the trip pricey include costs to get from the airport, now that the free shuttle is gone. Then there’s parking, which is no longer free at resort hotels and costs $15 to 25 a day. Plus parking at Disney for those not staying at a resort can cost anywhere from $25 to $50 a day. And of course there’s still hotel costs, food and souvenirs.

While customers still seem to be shelling out the money, because the park is packed, many are growing frustrated, with experts suggesting that may not last. One noted, “my hunch is it is not going to be good for the brand long term."

Source-Fox Business

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