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Forgotten Subscriptions Cost Us On Average $133 Extra Per Month

Forgotten subscriptions could be costing you a lot of money on services and things you’re not using anymore.  

I was looking through a credit card statement recently and I saw an insurance plan that I bought for an old cell phone that I didn’t even own anymore. That was $8.99 a month so I cancelled it. And my husband had a Game Fly video game membership that he hadn’t used in close to a year. Another $17.99 a month, so that went away too.  

Those little amounts can really add up, in fact a new study found that on average, consumers actually spend about $133 more than they thought they did on monthly subscriptions. According to C+R Research, "consumers underestimated their monthly spend on subscriptions by $133," and 74% said they had a hard time remembering what recurring payments they had.

The subscriptions consumers forget about most frequently are mobile phone subscriptions, with internet subscriptions coming in second.. 

So, it’s a good idea to write these things down and see if there are some subscriptions that you’re not using anymore. Taking that time could save you some money! 

Source: Business Insider

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