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Sedentary Lifestyle When You're Older Can Increase Stroke Risk By Over 40%

If you’re hoping to veg out and do nothing but watch TV and movies and play video games when you retire, maybe you should think twice, because living a sedentary lifestyle could increase your risk of stroke! 

According to a lengthy study conducted by researchers at San Diego State University, those who took part in sedentary activities for 13 hours a day had a 44% increased risk of stroke!

The scientists followed the activities of over 7,600 American men and women with an average age of 63, using an accelerometer to track their movement, or lack of it, over the course of a week. The monitor also looked at the intensity of the movement participants made. Seven years later the researchers looked at the subject's medical records looking for evidence of stroke.

They found that people who lived that more sedentary lifestyle, were at a higher risk of stroke. Meanwhile, those who participated in just 25 minutes of moderate exercise each day, reduced their risk of stroke risk by a whopping 40%! 

So the lesson here...get moving and stay active in your later years for a long, healthy life!

Source: Daily Mail

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