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Apple iOS 16 Update to Allow Users to Edit and Delete iMessages

File this news under “why did it take this long to happen?” Yesterday Apple announced that the new iOS 16 will finally allow us to edit and even undo texts in iMessage! 

Previewing some of the changes to come along with the new iOS 16 update, Apple announced two to iMessages that will allow users to edit or even undo texts they have already sent.  

Another change will allow you mark a thread as being unread, so even if you have already read it but you want to come back and read it again later, just mark it as unread and it will look like it hasn’t been read.  

According to Craig Federighi, the Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, all three of these changes were "highly requested" by Apple users.  

The update will also for the first time allow widgets on the iPhone's lock screen, and some new privacy settings that were developed along with some domestic violence organizations have been added as well.

Apple iOS 16 launches sometime this fall for iPhones 8 and newer.

Source: CBS News

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Photo: Getty Images

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