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Parents That Think It’s Okay To Share Bed With Their Kids

Most parents will go to great lengths to make their kids rooms feel special, it sounds like many children aren’t actually sleeping in them. That’s because many parents are apparently totally okay with their kids sleeping in bed with them.

OnePoll survey of parents with kids under 10 finds:

  • 71% of parents think it’s perfectly okay to share a bed with their kids.
  • Some of the main reasons parents prefer to co-sleep with their kids include:
    • Makes them feel closer to them (88%)
    • Their families get more sleep (62%)
    • They want their kids to feel safe and secure (62%)
    • Family bonding (52%)
  • Of those co-sleeping families, 25% have their children in the same room but in a separate bed, while the same amount have the kids in the bed with them. 

Downsides to co-sleeping with the kids-

  • 82% of parents say it has put a strain on their relationship with their partner.
  • Men are more likely than women to say that (83% vs. 81%).
  • 6% say it hasn’t affected their relationship at all.
  • 75% say they’d rather sleep with their children than their significant other, which could be a bad sign.

Most parents agree this arrangement shouldn’t be permanent.

  • 76% say kids should at some point learn to sleep on their own.
  • 43% have been able to sleep train their kids.
  • Although 23% don’t plan to do so and 20% have tried and failed.


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