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First Look at Rob Zombie's Movie "The Munsters"

The beloved 60s TV series The Munsters is coming to the big screen this year! We’re finally getting a sneak peek at the new movie from horror director Rob Zombie, and it’s in color! Remember the classic show was shot in black and white. 

He says not to worry, his new film was made in the spirit of the sitcom and will be much more family friendly than the movies he usually makes which include House of 1000 Corpses and his take on Halloween that came out in 2007. 

He told EW, "Yeah, it's 100 percent in the spirit of the show. I didn't want it to be different. I wanted to totally retain the vibe that it had in the '60s." 

The teaser trailer for the movie stars three actors who have all worked with Zombie before on other projects. Jeff Daniel Phillips and Daniel Roebuck, who starred in Zombie’s 3 From Hell, play Herman Munster and Grandpa respectively. And Rob’s wife Sheri Moon Zombie takes on the role of Lily Munster. 

The movie was filmed in Hungary, and Zombie said, "I wanted to cast people that had worked together a lot. I couldn't risk getting on set in Budapest and going, my leads aren't getting along, they have no chemistry. So that's why I chose the cast I chose. 

The movie is due in theaters later this year, check out the trailer! 

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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