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New Stickers Remind You To Reapply Sunscreen

As a pasty white French Canadian this is something I could definitely use. Stickers that remind you to reapply sunscreen!

Summer officially starts today so you probably have some plans to head to the beach or the pool, which means lots of time spent in the sun, and probably some bad sunburns if you forget to reapply your sunscreen.  

I’m pretty good about putting on sunscreen when I first get to the beach, but then I tend to forget about reapplying as the day goes on. I get busy swimming and making sandcastles and eating lunch and I usually forget about it.  

Well now there are stickers that will remind you to reapply! A company called Spot My UV makes stickers that contain UF detectors. You stick one these purple stickers on your skin and then lather on the sunscreen. The purple color fades away, then returns once it’s time to add more sunscreen. 

You can put that sticker anywhere on your body, but it’s probably a good idea to put it where you’ll see it. 

I could have used this last summer at Misquamicut Beach, it would have saved me a lot of pain and peeling skin. 

Source: Metro UK

Sunburn Beauty Portrait

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