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Colonel Sanders House is on the Market

A house that was home for a quarter of a century for one of Kentucky's most beloved couples is on the market.

The Shelbyville home that belonged to Colonel Harlan Sanders and his wife, Claudia, is up for sale. The founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Colonel Sanders built the home and a restaurant, named the Claudia Sanders Dinner House, to honor his wife, who many say was instrumental to his success.

The family lived in the home, known as Blackwood Hall, from 1959 until 1984. The asking price for the home is not listed, but the name and likeness rights to Claudia Sanders go with the home and restaurant.

The owners of the home and restaurant, the Settles family, were close friends with the Colonel and Claudia.

As of right now , the asking price for this house is not listed


Colonel Sanders lookalike Colonel Bob Th...

Photo: Getty Images

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