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Governor McKee Signs Rhode Island Plastic Bag Ban Into Law

Stock up on those reusable shopping bags, Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee just signed the Plastic Waste Reduction Act into law which will ban stores from offering customers single-use plastic bags. What will we use to clean the cat boxes now?  

The bill was sponsored by Sen. President Dominick Ruggerio and Rep. Carol Hagan McEntee and it officially goes into effect either one year after the Department of Environmental Management sets up regulations, or January 1st, 2024, whichever occurs first. 

Retail stores will still be allowed to offer customers paper checkout bags as long as they are recyclable.  

Since a large number of towns in the state have already banned plastic bags Ruggerio felt it was time for the regulations to be “consistent throughout the state.”  

Representative McEntee said “Now is the time to end this environmental and public health destruction and finally pass a statewide ban on plastic bags.”  

Source: ABC 6

Discarded plastic bag

Photo: Getty Images

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