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Disney Cruise Ship Sells $5000 Star Wars Cocktail

Disney has created a new cocktail inspired by a galaxy far, far away, and the price is out of this world!

If you take a vacation aboard Disney’s brand-new cruise ship the Disney Wish, you’ll have the chance to test out their new Kaiburr Crystal cocktail. That is if you have an extra $5000 to spare! 

The drink is available in the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge, and they serve it up in a special case that looks like the ones we’ve seen in the movie The Empire Strikes Back and on the show The Mandalorian. The case has lights and sound effects, and when it opens up, smoke pours out. Inside are shot glass sized cups holding the pricey spirits. 

According to the menu the drink is "The galaxy's rarest and most valuable cocktail," but it does not reveal the ingredients.  

I’ll tell you what, if I ordered one, I definitely would not be ordering a second one.  

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Silhouette of a girl with an afro dancing with a cocktail in her hand in a night club

Photo: Getty Images

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