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How to Make Our "Red White and Booze Bomb Pop"

KS Bomb Pops

Photo: Bill George

Here is a fun recipe for a three layered boozy drink that will be the hit of your 4th of July festivities! Check out our video for the full recipe. In a nutshell, add LOTS of crushed ice to each layer:

Blue layer - 5oz. white rum, 2oz. blue curacao, 1 Sprite

White layer - 4 oz. blueberry lemonade rum, 4oz. lemonade

Red layer - 4oz. spiced rum, 2 oz. apple juice or white, 1-2 oz. simple syrup, 1.5 cups of frozen strawberries

Bomb Pop

if you add the right amount of ice, the layers should stay separated and look just like those bomb pops we all bought from the ice cream truck as kids! Photo: George, Bill

photo: B101 Video: FaceBook/B101FM

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