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Concert Goers in Mansfield, MA Face Charges of Leaving Dogs in Hot Cars

The heat is really going to be ramping up starting tomorrow then for the rest of this week. It’s definitely looking like it’s gonna be a heat wave, 94 degrees tomorrow, 95 Wednesday, 92 on Thursday. The high temps will continue all the way through the weekend so keep that in mind when you're taking your pets out in this kind of weather. 

If you’re headed to a concert this summer, please leave your dog at home. The police department in Mansfield, Massachusetts had to rescue three dogs in the parking lot of the Xfinity Center Friday night. Their stupid owners left them in hot cars while they were inside enjoying the Phish concert.  

When the concert got underway a little after 7pm, it was still more than 80 degrees and muggy, so you can imagine how unsafe the inside of a car would be in those conditions.  

Thankfully all the dogs are safe after being given water and allowed to cool off in the air conditioning. They were taken to the Mansfield Animal Shelter, and all their owners now face animal cruelty charges and also charges of confining an animal inside a motor vehicle exposing them to extreme heat. 

Good. You know what? There is no excuse for that! Don’t leave pets, or kids for that matter. in hot cars in the Summer. Period.

The Mansfield Police Department then warned other drivers to not leave their pets in hot cars with the message posted on two electronic signs, one on South Main Street and another on the I-495 off-ramp. 

Source: NBC 10

Close-Up Of Dog In Car

Photo: Getty Images

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