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BMW To Charge Subscription Fee for Heated Seats

I’ve lost track of the number of subscription services I have. Between streaming apps like Netflix, Disney + and HBO Max, software subscriptions etc, I’m paying a ton of money every month.  

I know a lot of people do box subscriptions like Birchbox for beauty items or Barkbox if they have pets, and Hello Fresh for food. Now BMW is jumping on the subscription bandwagon. 

Heated seats are a feature in a lot of cars, I have them in my Rav 4, but BMW is now adding a monthly fee to use the feature...just like you pay for your Netflix subscription every month. And it ain’t cheap. That heated seats feature costs $18 a month!  

BMW already charges for other features in their vehicles including traffic alerts and map updates. Okay that kind of thing I get. My car has a GPS but you have to pay extra for the map updates and other features, but the heated seats? That’s something you expect to just work without paying extra. If you live in a warm climate are they going to make you pay a subscription for the air conditioning? 

As if a BMW didn’t cost enough already. Sorry I don’t want one that bad.

Source: Newser


Photo: Getty Images

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