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The Mansion From "The Godfather" Available On Airbnb

I think this would be pretty cool for a girl's weekend. You could stay at the mansion from the 1972 movie "The Godfather!"  

You’re probably familiar with the 1930's Tudor style mansion that was featured in the opening scene of the film. Exterior shots of the house represented the Corleone crime family’s home in the Francis Ford Coppola classic.  

The house is huge, over 6,200-square-feet, and it’s located on Staten Island, New York. It’s all been renovated too. There are five spacious bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a gorgeous kitchen, a game room plus a cool pub in the basement, and even a saltwater pool in the backyard.  

For all of this, the price is super cheap. Beginning July 27th you can rent the house on AirBNB, and up to five guests can stay for 30 nights for only 50-dollars a night!  

I think I’m hearing an offer I can’t refuse! Click HERE to see pictures of the house!

Source: Today

"The Godfather" 50th Anniversary Celebration

Photo: Getty Images

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