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Lost Wallet Belonging to William Shatner Found and Returned by Farm Owner

William Shatner lost his wallet, but luckily, someone honest found it!  

Anyone who works in retail knows that customers often leave things behind accidentally.  Gary Tognetti owns the Fruit Barn on Pacheco Pass Highway in Gilroy, California, and they recently had a visit from Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner! 

Shatner was picking up some fruit at the family-owned farm when he mistakenly left his wallet behind in a bin full of corn. Tognetti found the wallet and discovered who it belonged to. 

Tognetti is friends with a police officer with the Gilroy Police Department named Mark Tarasco. He called him and said, “Hey, how do I get a hold of a celebrity?” 

Together they were able to find Shatner within a couple of hours and returned the wallet to him via FedEx.  

Shatner thanked Gary and his wife on Twitter along with the police officers who helped out! 

Source: People

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Photo: Getty Images

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