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Mom Draws Criticism and Praise for Giving 2 Year Old Son Cleaning Supplies

Some have criticized this mom on TikTok, but I think she’s doing a great job molding a child into a future responsible adult. Not everyone feels the same however.  

Lex Delarosa posted a video on TikTok showing how she bought her two-year-old son a baby doll, play food and some cleaning supplies including a little mop, a broom and even a mini-Dyson vacuum. She wants him to learn that cleaning and caring for babies “isn’t just for girls.”  

So far the video has over 85,000 views, and in the comments Delarosa says that “people have an issue with” the choice of toys “for some reason,” adding, “I’ve had someone say ‘that’s weird’ to us when my son was out with his doll before.”  

Some people agree that she’s wrong to do this including one person who commented, “I think when they’re old enough to clean for a chore, but making it seem like a fun thing is really sad when they’re only one.” Delarosa made a follow up video saying her son finds it fun and that “kids love mimicking their parents.”  

There are quite a few people chiming in showing support for Lex with one commenting, “It’s never too young to start. Mine was 1 also when he started.” Another said, “You’re an amazing mom! People with their negative opinions should really just hush.” 

Delarosa says it's not sad “raising capable children.” I couldn’t agree more. In fact, it’s necessary for them to lead a happy and successful life.

Source: New York Post

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