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Brach's Introduces 'Tailgate Candy Corn' With 5 New Flavors

Brach’s Candy Company is ready for fall with a brand new mix of America’s least favorite candy...Candy Corn.  

Their Tailgate Candy Corn mix has five flavors to munch on while you watch the game and they include hot dog, hamburger, popcorn, fruit punch and vanilla ice cream.  

Brach’s says, “The Tailgate Candy Corn flavor profile lends itself to an early-fall time frame, perfect for football season.” 

Folks have not been so kind when discussing the new flavors on social media. One said, “Fire the person at Brach’s that thought this is a good idea!” and another chimed in, “I guess if they’re gonna ruin a candy, I’m glad it was candy corn, rather than something I love.” 

You might remember Brach’s also gave us the Thanksgiving Dinner Candy Corn last year. I tried that one and it was nasty.  I can't imagine this is much better.

If you’re brave enough to try Tailgate Candy Corn it will only be available at Walgreen’s in their stores and online HERE

Source: New York Post

Candy Corn

Photo: Getty Images

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