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Prince Harry's Underwear From Wild Las Vegas Weekend to Be Auctioned

Before Prince Harry settled down into married life with Meghan Markle, he sowed his wild oats. He was quite the party animal for a while there, and now you can own a memento from a wild weekend he spent in Las Vegas 10 years ago. You may remember the naked photos of Harry after that were plastered all over the tabloids.

The 10-year anniversary of Harry’s crazy weekend is coming up and an ex-stripper who won his underwear in a game of strip billiards is hoping to make some big money. 

Carrie Royale is going to auction off the black undies along with the clothing she was wearing that night including a dress and a swimsuit. 

Royale said, "I am holding the auction to help remind him of his fun side, the side that his marriage to his wife Meghan has tried to control." 

Bidding starts this Thursday at 10:30 PM PT and will open up with a bid of $10-thousand. If the bidding climbs to $800k, the winner will receive a vintage 3-liter bottle of 1996 Dom Pérignon Rose wrapped in 24 karat gold, valued at over $200k. Royale believes the underpants will go for at least $1 million

Some of the money raised from the sale will be donated to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Archewell charity 

Source: TMZ


Photo: Getty Images

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