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Coca-Cola to Debut New "Dreamworld" Coke on August 15th

Remember “Starlight” Coke? Coca-Cola's experimental flavor released last year? We were told it tasted like “space,” whatever that means. I tried it, it was pretty good. Kinda reminded me of Cherry Vanilla Coke. 

Well now, Coca-Cola is back with a brand-new limited-edition flavor in its "Creations" series! So called "Dreamworld" Coke is headed to a store near you starting next Monday, August 15th.   

When asked to describe the flavor of the new soda, the company said they took the basic Coke recipe and added a "dash of vibrant flavors," and they say they got "inspiration from the Technicolor world of dreams." Um...what? 

The new drink will have a QR code on the side of the can or bottle that people can scan with their smartphone to gain access a digital "music experience" including games and even an avatar that you can customize. 

I’ll give this new Coke product a try, but you know what, I don't want a music experience with my soda or a stupid avatar. All I really want is a Classic Coke in a glass bottle, preferably the Mexican variety that features cane sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup. No need to mess with perfection. Remember New Coke? Yeah how’d that work out? No bueno.

Source: CNN Business

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