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Tips for Saving Money on Back to School Items

Inflation is making everything super expensive these days so it’s no surprise that American moms and dads will be paying around $34 billion this year on back-to-school items like school supplies, clothes and shoes. In fact, experts say this will be the most expensive back-to-school season ever! 

If you need to buy items for your kids and teens and you need to save a little money, the folks on Fox & Friends had some helpful tips to keep in mind when you’re shopping. 

First of all they say you should skip the name brands. Obviously, they’re much more expensive than non name brand clothing and shoes and everything else you may need. So as much as your kids beg for those $120 Nike Air Jordans maybe steer them towards some other brand. As far as clothing, often stores will offer knockoffs of pricier designer labels. Plus, office supply stores like Staples have their own brand of notebooks, pens, etc. Choose those rather than the name brand to save a few bucks.

Always check the coupon sites for deals. You may get lucky and find a coupon code that could save you a percentage off your order or maybe free shipping.  

Take some time to go through your kids’ clothing to see what still fits and what can be passed down to a younger sibling. Maybe you can get another season out of some clothes if you’re children haven’t grown too much over the summer.  

And this is an interesting idea. There is a website called The Swoondle Society where you can swap clothing with other families!  

Source: Fox News

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