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Girl Scouts Add New Cookie Flavor: Raspberry Rally to Be Sold Online Only

I can’t wait for Girl Scout cookie season! That is still about 5 months away, it usually runs from January to April every year, but we will have a brand new cookie to binge on once it’s here! 

The Girl Scouts say we can expect the new Raspberry Rally cookie to be added to the lineup in 2023. They are calling it a “sister cookie” to their most popular seller and my favorite, the Thin Mint.  

According to the press release, the Girl Scouts organization say the new cookie is “infused with raspberry flavor instead of mint and dipped in the same delicious chocolaty coating.”  

And for the first time ever this new variety will be available exclusively online so the girls can work on their e-commerce skills. No need to find a Girl Scout, just order online and they’ll be shipped right to your home. 

The Raspberry Rally joins their growing list of offerings which includes last year’s new cookies the Adventurfuls which are brownie-based.  

Of course, plenty of Thin Mints will be available along with Samoas otherwise known as Caramel deLites, Tagalongs which are the Peanut Butter Patties, Do-si-dos (that’s the Peanut Butter Sandwich cookie), Trefoils aka Shortbread, Toffee-tastic, Caramel Chocolate Chip, Lemon-Ups, Lemonades, Girl Scout S'mores and Toast-Yay! Phew! I didn’t realize there were that many! 

Source: Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts Sell Cookies From Street Trucks In New York City

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