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Carnival Cruise Lines Now Has Curfews for Kids

Many cruises are family friendly with lots of fun activities for kids to do all day from pools to waterslides to ziplines, but after a while adults need a break.  

Now Carnival Cruises is setting curfews so adults on the cruise can get some peace and quiet and adult time without kids running around the ship at all hours of the night.  

Carnival announced they are putting a new curfew in place for passengers aged 17 years and younger.  All kids need to vacate public areas by 1 am, unless they are accompanied by an adult in their party who is 21 years or older. 

There are exceptions to the rule however, as kids who are part of a Club O2 or Circle “C” teen activity are allowed to stay out past the curfew. 

This could make things tough if you’re traveling with young children, but the cruise line does offer a babysitting service called "Night Owls." They’ll watch children aged six months to 11 years from 10 pm to 1 am, for $7.50 per hour, per child. That’s actually not a bad deal.  

Source: Travel & Leisure


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