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Scammers Are Now Profiting Off the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Some people have no shame. Scammers are now profiting off the death of Queen Elizabeth II.  

Warn your family and friends to be on the lookout for phishing scams offering fake tickets to the Queen’s funeral. At least three phony Twitter accounts have scam offers for “tickets,” and in order to claim them you need to click a link and share your login for your bank account.  

And this scam is even more ridiculous. It makes the claim that the Queen has left you a large amount of money, and you need to provide your banking information to claim it. Is that like the Nigerian Prince scam?

Some of the new Queen scams prey on your good nature by asking you to donate to fraudulent charities, when they are actually trying to obtain your personal information or get you to download malware.

Cyber expert Javvad Malik told The Sun, "Criminals are swift to capitalize on public events, whether it be a natural disaster, a sporting event, or the death of a prominent person. With the passing of the Queen, people should be vigilant of scammers trying to exploit the situation." 

Source: The Sun

Bill torn revealing words You got Scammed

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