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Hundreds of Men a Year Opting for Leg Lengthening Surgery

Rhode Island may not mind being called ‘fun size’ but I don’t like being called that at all. I’m only 5 foot 2 so I would love to be a little bit taller.  

Well us vertically challenged folks can now achieve our dreams of being a few inches taller thanks to science...and quite a bit of cash. 

Some people are opting for this very radical surgery in order to gain some height. Not to gross you out, but it requires that both femurs be broken, and then adjustable metal nails are inserted.  

Presently there are only a few doctors in all of North America that are performing this procedure, but demand is growing for the surgery, despite its high cost. The surgery can run between 70 and 150 thousand dollars, and I'll bet that’s not covered by insurance. 

Reportedly hundreds of men in North America are shelling out the cash for this surgery every year! Well, we did learn in a recent survey that the perfect man is 6 feet tall, so some guys are trying to achieve that goal. Sheesh! No thanks, I think I’ll just remain short.  

Source: GQ

Orthopedic doctor examines x-ray images prior to surgery

Photo: Getty Images

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