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Cats and Dogs Evacuated From Florida Up for Adoption in Massachusetts

Hopefully all the pet owners in Florida who evacuated ahead of Hurricane Ian took their pets with them. As for animals in shelters, many of them were evacuated as well and taken shelters outside of Florida. 

Thirty-five dogs and cats from shelters in Florida were driven up to Chicago by volunteers and staff and are being temporarily housed by the Anti-Animal Cruelty Society. 

They’re hoping to find homes soon for all of them, and many will be placed in foster homes while they await adoption.  

Other pets were taken in by animal shelters in Alabama, South Carolina, and even up here in Massachusetts. Dozens of cats were flown to Massachusetts where the MSPCA and the Northeast Animal Shelter will put them up for adoption.  

So, if you're looking for a new four-legged friend one may have just arrived! 

Source: My State Line and WCVB Channel 5

Tampa Bay Area Prepares For Hurricane Ian

Photo: Getty Images

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