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Self-Serve Beer Available Soon At Gillette Stadium

 They’re trying something new at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro...self-serve beer! The idea is to help reduce overcrowding at the concession stands. 

The stadium’s liquor license was amended recently by the Foxboro Board of Selectmen and they’re going to give this new idea a try.   

How it works is customers will insert their credit card and put a cup under the tap. You then get to choose from four different beer options. 

Sadly no, the customer doesn’t actually get to pour the beer, that job is done by the machine.   

The self-serve kiosk will be manned by employees who will be checking to make sure you have a valid IDs and for sobriety.  

Source: WCVB Channel 5

Cropped Hands Of Man Pouring Beer In Glass

Photo: Getty Images

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