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Pet Owners On Why They Would and Wouldn't Want Their Pets to Talk

It would be pretty cool if our pets could talk to us, although I think a lot of us like the fact they don't talk back. 

A new Healthy Paws survey found that 78% of pet owners believed that if their animals would start talking, dogs are probably the pet that would most likely talk like a person. 60% believe that about their cats. 

I have a lot of pets, I’ve got a dog and five cats, so I can't imagine if they suddenly all started talking. One of my cats is pretty mouthy, she lets me know when she wants to eat, which is all the time. Whenever I’m at the fridge or near the cabinet where I keep the snacks, she talks to me in her own way. 

However, there are a whole bunch of reasons why pet owners would love it if their pets could speak. First of all, they could tell you what they wanna eat because it is kind of frustrating when you're trying food after food, and you have no idea what they want. Sixty-one percent of people would love for their pets to be able to tell him that. 

Of course, I agree with the 58% who say that they would be happy if their pets could tell them when something is wrong because there's nothing worse than when you know your pet doesn't feel well, but they can't tell you why. It would be great if we could explain to them why we need to give them medicine. I give my cat Mickey medicine every day and he totally hates me because of it. If I could only explain to him, hey this tiny amount of yucky medicine is going to make you feel a lot better, it would be great. 

There are downsides as well, 53% fear their pet would reveal their secrets if they could talk! Forty-nine percent worry their pet wouldn't shut up! Maybe things are just better the way they are. Read more about the survey HERE

 Source: SWNS Digital

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