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How To Save Money On Halloween Shopping

Lots of people are cutting costs from their budget thanks to inflation, but if you’re like me, you still want to have an extra special Halloween. 

The folks at “Today” brought in shopping expert Stephanie Ruhl to share some money saving tips! 

When it comes to candy, Stephanie says don’t buy it early, wait until the last minute, because stores will begin to discount it since they can’t sell Halloween branded candy afterwards the holiday. And she warns not to buy your favorite candy because you’ll be tempted to eat it all before Halloween then you’ll just have to buy more.  

Going by previous year’s trick or treating turnout at your house, Stephanie says you should calculate how much you think you’ll hand out and buy accordingly. 

Costumes can be very pricey, so she says one good way to save cash is to share with friends and neighbors, or even go old school and make your own costume rather than buy one. 

Decorations don’t need to cost a lot if you’re creative. Using craft supplies you can make your own, even make it a family activity. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas.  

 Source: Today

Playful kids enjoying the Halloween festival

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