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Alex Jones Slapped With $965 Million Jury Verdict

Most people with a soul would show remorse for causing people pain and devastation…but Alex Jones is not ‘most people.’ Most people would humbly accept a verdict against them – especially if they admitted to doing something wrong. But again, Alex Jones is not most people...thankfully.

In fact, while the InfoWars host and conspiracy theorist listened to the verdict, directing that he pay nearly a billion dollars - $965-million to be exact – to families of eight victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, he mocked it in real time.

He also requested donations – and not to pay the judgement ( he’s declared bankruptcy). But rather, Jones wants money. "Do these people actually think they're getting any of this money?,” he mused, before appealing to his audience to send him donations. “The money you donate does not go to these people [the victims]. It goes to fight this fraud and to stabilize the company (Infowars).”

  • Already found liable by a judge over his repeated claims that the 2012 school massacre was a hoax, plaintiffs alleged that Jones profited off the claims and caused his followers to harass the victim's families. The 15 individual awards today ranging from almost $30-million to $120-million.

There's a special place for this guy...he better bring Sun Block 2 billion.

Source-NBC News

Alex Jones Speaks To The Media Outside The Sandy Hook Trial In Waterbury, Connecticut

Photo: Getty Images

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