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Texas Neighbors Complain About "Scissorhands" Trimming Their Trees at Night

Neighbors are up in arms over a serial hedge trimmer on their street in Fort Worth, Texas.  

Residents say they're getting fed up with a guy they're calling Edward Scissorhands. They’re not sure who he is, but they’ve caught him on surveillance camera trimming their trees without homeowners' permission, and he’s doing this in the middle of the night. 

Word is he's trimmed about a dozen trees on three different streets in the neighborhood, and folks are worried the unauthorized landscaping might cause a problem with the Homeowners Association. 

The residents have filed police reports but so far this guy is still at large, and even if he’s caught, they don't know if he'll face any charges.  

Hey, he can come to my house and trim trees anytime! I have no problem with that. 

Source: ABC 13


Photo: Getty Images

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